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Mark Day Night Live Auction

Posted by lovinglegacyvideo on September, 21, 2018

Welcome to friends and family of Mark Day School

Thank you for your interest in the work of Loving Legacy Video, where we facilitate and film autobiographical interviews with elders and new parents. It’s powerful work. It makes an amazing gift, and our clients frequently share the impact our videos have had on their families. Our videos help people in connecting generations, learning in profound ways about themselves and their parents.

Our elder interviews are roughly 2/3 chronological questions beginning with ancestry and early life, and follow a natural progression through life and life cycle events. But perhaps the greatest reflections we hear from our clients come from the roughly 1/3 introspective questions we ask about when you felt most alive, choices you wish you’d made differently in life, recurring dreams you’ve had, themes you see playing out in your life, your approach to parenting or grandparenting, and many more.

Once a session has been booked, we share with you a welcome kit to prepare for the interview (if you like) with lists of questions as food for thought, articles, animations and videos from a variety of sources.

With our birth videos, we recognize that the process of growing a child, giving birth and the very early days of parenthood can fly by without having the chance to really share what you’re going through, how your body, relationship, and life are changing.

The auction item for Mark Day Night Live is 1 Loving Legacy Video ‘Signature Service’ Interview.

Have a look around the site to better understand our work and feel free to reach out directly by phone or email if you have any questions.

Thank you.

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