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Frequently Asked Questions

• Are your services limited to the Pacific Northwest or do you also travel?
Yes, our service is available nationwide. Cost is dependent on location and extent of travel but we are happy to discuss the details based on your location and specific needs.

• Can I see the questions that will be asked ahead of time?
Yes, we’re happy to share an incomplete list of the questions prior to day of filming.

• What do I need to do to prepare for the day of filming?
Mainly to ask your self and family members what if any area of life you’d like to focus on, particular stories, events or experiences that you’d like to make sure to cover. And collecting the photos or items that you’d like included in the video for us to capture on the day of filming.

• Can you interview my mom and dad at the same time?

• Can I share the finished videos online?

• When finished and posted to your site for the customer, are the videos visible to the public?    
You will have control over how public or private your videos will be. We make the sharing easy if you choose.

• Do you have the ability to record follow up interviews at a later date?
Yes, we think this makes the endeavor even more powerful and unique. Perhaps you are familiar with the Up Series?

• Do we get to see the finished videos prior to delivery?
Yes, there is an opportunity for you to see and give feedback on the videos prior to the final edit.

• How will the videos be presented on my personalized page on
With packages 2 and 3, your video(s) are hosted on our website, privately for you to access and share, in addition to the hard and digital files we provide to you to use as you like.

• How long does it take to receive the finished product?
The finished videos will be available within one month of the day of filming.

• What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept personal checks

• How is the payment structured?
50% of total cost is paid either ahead of first meeting or on day of first meeting
50% is paid upon completion of the final product.

• Is there a discount for interviewing multiple family members?
Yes, if done on different days.

• Is there a discount for conducting another interview with the same subject at a later date?
Yes, this is encouraged.

• Can I order DVD copies of the interview in package 1?
Yes, for an additional cost.

• Can I order additional copies of the DVD in packages 2 and 3?