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How It Works



Overall Experience

Over the years I’ve developed a progression of questions that lead you from your awareness and knowledge about your ancestry and those who came before you, through your childhood and early memories, young adult life, marriage, parenting and family, career, retirement and later life.

But a significant piece of what makes this experience special are the more introspective questions I ask such as during which parts of your life you felt most alive? What challenges you have faced? Were there points that you reflect upon in which you now wish you’d made different choices? About your experience parenting and grandparenting, your thoughts about aging and dying, and the greatest challenges you’re currently facing.

This combination of the linear more chronological trajectory of your life with the more inward looking personal experience is useful to tell your story in deeper and more meaningful ways. Throughout the process, I take care to listen actively, and use follow up questions to clarify and build upon your answers. This is one of my greatest strengths in listening as a stranger and inquiring for greater depth.

* Upon scheduling an interview, Loving Legacy Video will provide a long list of sample questions as food for thought. We also provide a ‘Welcome Packet’ with a variety of curated resources we’ve assembled to help you to prepare for this endeavor. It includes articles written about legacy interviews, example videos from previous clients, thoughtful videos from outside publications for inspiration, and other useful supporting materials.

Meet & Greet

• Before the day of filming, we have an introductory meeting at our office to get to know each other and answer any questions about preparation or otherwise. This meeting can be conducted over the phone or online if preferred.
• We provide a list of relevant articles and links to related short videos to help get your memories flowing and assist in your preparation for the interview.

Day of Filming

• Setup and break down of camera, sound and lighting equipment
• Filming of family photos, family trees, genealogy records or other collections, etc. so that they never leave your presence
• Potential gathering of additional B-Roll of subject in their home space
• Filming of interview

Post Production Process

• Music added
• Editing of interview and removal of interview questions
• Integration of existing family photos into the videos
• Transformation of long form interview into approachable individual short videos (according to package)
• Uploading to password protected private webpage to share with friends and family (according to package)
• Delivery of final product in various formats in hard and digital copy (according to package)

Finished Product

Here are some examples: 1, 2, 3, 4

The finished product is a page of videos that is easily sharable as publicly or privately as you like, individually or as an entire collection. You receive a series of short thematic videos, as well as the the entire full length video.


One Story Focus
A Special Deal
One topic of focus
2 hour interview on site
Integration of up to 10 photos
All files delivered digitally
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The Loving Legacy
Our Signature Service
Pre-film date meet & greet session
Up to a full day on site filming
Integration of up to 20 photos
Personalized page of your videos password protected and hosted on (more details in FAQ's)
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Loving Legacy+ For Couples
Signature Service + a variety of special extras
Everything in Package 2 +
Separate Interviews with each spouse and together
Printed transcript of entire interviews
Integration of unlimited photos
Personalized page of your videos password protected and hosted on (more details in FAQ's)
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* Packages have in the past been paid for by multiple siblings who shared the cost.

* Discounts available for spouses and or multiple Loving Legacy Videos purchased at same time

* Discounts available for repeat clients at multiyear intervals


We accept cash, checks, Venmo, Zelle, and PayPal! Should you have any questions, or need any help, please feel free to Call us at 206-679-8381, or Contact Us.