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The Loving Legacy + For Couples


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Overall Couples Interview Experience

The Loving Legacy for Couples option is a special way to share the life experiences of both partners. It’s an opportunity to walk through your history together, together. It’s an opportunity to think back to ideas you had about a future partner in your childhood, about your visions of a wedding, of creating a family together, and more. A chance to reflect on your meeting and courtship, the time leading up to your wedding, family reactions, the special day of your marriage, the decision to have children, pregnancy, becoming grandparents, and growing old together. Like a solo Loving Legacy interview, it’s a chance to be asked not just chronological questions, but deeper introspective questions about the challenges you’ve faced together and the ways you’ve found to sustain a relationship over time. A chance to describe each other, and so much more. We’ve also done these videos in advance of major anniversaries, with pieces of the interview shared at special events and online, or at birthday parties or memorial celebrations.

Meet & Greet

Before the day of filming, we have an introductory meeting at our office to get to know each other and answer any questions about preparation or otherwise. This meeting can be conducted over the phone or via Skype if preferred.

Day of filming

• Setup and break down of camera, sound and lighting equipment
• Filming of family photos, family trees, genealogy records or other collections, etc. so that they never leave your presence
• Potential gathering of additional B-Roll of subjects in their home space.
* We film one interview with the couple together, then additional interviews with each of you.
* Some questions can be provided ahead of time as food for thought and to get the memories and stories flowing, and we provide a ‘welcome kit’ with articles, videos and other materials to help you consider what you’d like to share and ways of communicating what’s important to you and the life you’ve lived together.

Post production process

• Musical soundtrack added
• Editing of interview and removal of interview questions
• Integration of existing family photos into the videos
• Transformation of long form interview into approachable individual short videos (according to package)
• Uploading to password protected private webpage to share with friends and family (according to package)
• Delivery of final product in various formats in hard and digital copy (according to package)


We accept payments via Check and PayPal (Credit Card & Debit Cards).
A $250 deposit will be due today to save your date. Half of the remainder is due on the day of filming and half of payment upon completion of project.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us or Call: 206-679-8381