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Forest & Farmland Preservation in Western Washington – An Emerald Green Legacy

Posted by lovinglegacyvideo on July, 23, 2018

Bob Rose spent decades working with the WA Department of Natural Resources, The University of Washington and Washington State University, state and county government agencies laboring to preserve forest and farmland throughout Puget Sound and Western WA. His legacy will be a strong one, celebrated by not just his family who hired Loving Legacy Video to interview him and preserve his work, but also generations of future students, planners, politicans and others who will benefit from the vast areas of land he helped to preserve and protect. We began the interview at his home on Similk Bay and then visited various sites connected to his work in and around Anacortes including Mt Erie, a vista of Cypress Island, a farm in La Conner, and in the old growth forest around Heart Lake.

A Thousand Cups of Tea -Listening to All Sides from Loving Legacy Video on Vimeo.

Saving Skagit Farmland- Lessons Learned from Loving Legacy Video on Vimeo.

Old Growth Forest in Anacortes, WA from Loving Legacy Video on Vimeo.

Finding Common Ground from Loving Legacy Video on Vimeo.

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