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When Have You Felt Most Alive?

Posted by lovinglegacyvideo on February, 6, 2019

One Of The Best Questions I Ask

This is often among the questions I ask that solicits the deepest, most authentic and engaging answers from many of the interviews I do. I usually save it for the end. It’s a good one. After going through the ancestry and relatives, talking about early life, young adulthood, marriage, career and so much more, I start with the introspective questions about how people think and feel. This is also often when I hear in follow up that family and friends learned the most new information about their loved ones.

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Do You Love Me? It’s Nice To Know

Posted by lovinglegacyvideo on May, 4, 2017

‘You’re upset, you’re worn out, go inside, go lie down. Maybe you’ve got indigestion!”

I was recently hired to film a very special 50th wedding anniversary celebration in Edmonds. Together with the photos and videos that the husband had edited to project for the crowd during the reception, was this great clip from Fiddler On The Roof in which the husband grills the wife about whether or not she loves him. The crowd loved it and it was a gentle ode to the challenges of marriage, and how they’d managed to stay strong together after all these years. The family sat together, parents and grandparents with the grandchildren at the head table laughing. The family was also of European descent and there were a number of people in the crowd with accents who’d immigrated to Seattle. It seemed to me like a clip that would be great to share at any similar wedding anniversary party or celebration.

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