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If It Is Up To Me, My Funeral Would Be More Music Than Talking…

Posted by lovinglegacyvideo on January, 15, 2019

In this clip, legendary minister Michael Haynes talks about the music he’d like to have at his own funeral, and his thoughts overall about the role of gospel music in the church. He lead Twelfth Baptist Church in Boston for over 40 years. His interview covered his relationship with Martin Luther King, working with Ted Kennedy, Billy Graham, and other World Leaders, being a state legislator and parole board member, his connection to Barbados, decades of work in Roxbury and among many other topics. Great interview all around.

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How I Tawk – Identity in Accent

Posted by lovinglegacyvideo on December, 1, 2018

This bite was excerpted from a quite lovely full interview. I especially like the section about her father’s expressions. Ever considered your own accent or way of speaking? Have a peak at this insightful video and consider how you talk and the words you use inform who you are.

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Sessions in Boston and NYC in September and October

Posted by lovinglegacyvideo on July, 29, 2018

Loving Legacy Video - At Work

Loving Legacy Video will be doing interviews in Boston during the week of September 13th-20th and in NYC the week of October 14th-21st. We are currently scheduling interviews during those dates. Please share the service with friends, colleagues and family members who may be interested. The interviews are typically done in client homes and are conducted over the course of 1 day.

There’s lots of information, details, samples, and pricing throughout the pages of our website. Book now as the dates will fill up quickly. Best way to do so is by contacting us or calling 206-679-8381 to start the process. We look forward to working with you.

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Why Do A Loving Legacy Video? from Loving Legacy Video on Vimeo.

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