Autobiographical Interviews With Elders and New Parents

Your Kids Don't Want Your Stuff, They Want Your Stories!"

What You Get

  • Connect generations of your family members with a unique and tangible video legacy
  • Your family memories, history, and stories preserved
  • A profound impact on your life and the lives of your loved ones
  • The opportunity to be heard in your own words about the life you've lived and the experiences you've had
  • A professionally produced video that engages you in telling your story

What We Offer

  • We guide and film insightful biographical interviews in the comfort of your own home
  • We edit in your family photos, maps, or existing media
  • We provide the final videos in digital files to easily share with your family or keep private (Examples: 1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Different packages to fit your budget
  • Video coverage for your life cycle event celebrations

Examples of Our Stories

A Catholic Woman & A Jewish Man Get Married in 1970

And 2 Weeks Later We Were in The Waterbed Business

A Love Letter To My Daughter

1,000 Cups of Tea

What Sparked My Interest In Literature

A Vivid Childhood Memory

Awareness of the Women’s Consciousness Movement

My Own Body Image

The Afghan Blanket Tradition In Our Family

Coming To America

The Languages of My Parents

A Self Assessment

The Music At My Funeral

When I’ve Felt Most Alive

I Can't Stand Debt

Fly Fishing In My Life

Transforming The Land

I Love To Dance

Early Working Life & Coming To America

Growth Of The Family Business

The World of Duck Hunting

About Us

3 Time Emmy Nominated Legacy Video Production

Loving Legacy Video is a video production company based in Seattle, WA with coverage across Washington including Bellevue, Redmond, Mercer Island, Kirkland, Issaquah and Woodinville as well as operating nationally. We regularly travel to Portland and the San Francisco Bay Area, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago and NYC.

Professional Video Services Offered: Legacy/Grandparent/Elder and End of Life Videos, Funeral and Memorial Service Videos, Birthday and Anniversary Videos, Slideshows, Wedding Videos and more.

Len Davis is a Seattle based 3 time Emmy nominated filmmaker and the owner of Loving Legacy Video and Pangeality Productions. Watch this short video to understand the genesis of Loving Legacy Video. Read More

Loving Legacy Video - How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

Loving Legacy Video (Seattle WA) is a unique legacy video production service. We're capturing "Stories That Matter, From the People You Love". It's worth asking, what will future generations of your family know of your life? And how will that voice and path be accessed in the generations that follow behind you? How can your stories and experience benefit your family on their journey through this gift of life?

Loving Legacy Videos are a way to connect family members across generations with a unique and tangible legacy. Our videos provide a thread that links them to their ancestry, and better enables them to know their elders, themselves and those that came before them...Our legacy videos are far more about capturing the true essence of a person and who they are, rather than typical answers to a collection of questions. We're asking not just about your career, but about what you're most proud of or when you felt most alive. I invite you to learn more about our unique approach and how we’re helping people to keep the voices of their loved ones alive, creating a thread that links them to their ancestry, and better enables them to know their elders, themselves and those that came before them...... Read More

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