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Birth & Death

In addition to our signature interview service, we also offer a variety of other life milestone and event services:

Pregnancy, Birth, and Early Parenting

The process of growing a child, giving birth and the very early days of parenthood can fly by without having the chance to really share what you’re going through, how your body, relationship, and life are changing. We offer a special interview package that includes sessions at 8 months of gestation, 3 months and 1 year after birth. We also offer follow up interviews each year around your child’s birthday. The 3X package is $1,600 when booked and partially paid in advance. Contact us for more details.

Funeral/Memorial Services
• We can produce videos ahead of time to be screened on the day of your event
• We can film the event itself to be shared with those who couldn’t make it
• We can film and then integrate the voices of people present at the service into an edited video produced after the event
• We can live stream funerals and memorial services so that people who can not attend can follow along on the internet
• You can ‘Attend Your Own Memorial‘ by recording a message to your community prior to your death

Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Retirements
• We can record a montage of interviews with friends and family prior to your event.
(*This can be done in secret ahead of time and presented as a surprise.)
• We can provide live video coverage of any life celebrations and turn those into edited videos for you to enjoy and share

• We can come to your home ahead of any event and record your photos without them ever leaving your presence
• We can add music, titles and movement to make dynamic videos out of your existing still photos
• We can provide and operate a laptop and projector and screen leaving you to participate in your event without fussing with any audio visual equipment

• We can guide and film interviews with newlyweds before hand to be shared on the special day
• We can cover your wedding in our unique documentary style, directly engaging friends and family in interviews on the wedding day and edited together with coverage throughout the preparation, ceremony and celebration.
* Lots more details about our unique wedding packages available. What makes them special is the Loving Legacy Video approach of engaging parents on camera about the day the bride or groom was born, their own wedding day, blessings from the community, and loads more. Contact Us for details.