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Honoring Elder Legacies


How Do You Want To Be Remembered?

What will future generations of your family know of your life? And how will that voice and path be accessed in the generations that follow behind you? And how can your stories and experience benefit them on their journey through this gift of life?

Loving Legacy Videos are a way to connect family members across generations with a unique and tangible legacy. Our videos provide a thread that links them to their ancestry, and better enables them to know themselves and those that came before them.

These videos are not rooted in ego and boast, but heartfelt sharing of one’s own sense of the life they’ve lived. This can be a vehicle for the person themselves and those who follow to better know and understand themselves.

Honoring An Elder

Honoring your parents and other elders is one of the greatest things you can do to thank them and preserve their experience, and in doing so you may come to know and understand them and yourselves in new and deeper ways. Loving Legacy Videos can be seen as ‘The Ultimate Gift’, as we enable people to feel good about choosing this approach to highlight and celebrate life, recognizing that this opportunity will not last forever.

Our interview style is unique. Our focus is on who your loved one is, not just what has happened in their life. This approach of combining memory and storytelling with introspection provides far greater insight, bringing their essence out in the process of reflecting on the life they’ve lived.

Our approach is built on conducting hundreds of interviews over 15 years with people talking about their experiences in life, their ideas, their careers, and reflections on the life they’ve lived. We film a safe, supportive, guided biographical journey, then add in existing photos and family media to create powerful family video heirlooms.

Loving Legacy Video enables you to keep their voice alive by capturing it now, while it’s all still possible.

Testimonials from Previous Clients:

“I have outlived two brothers, a mother and most recently my father. My wife and I have lost many friends to cancer and other diseases. With this perspective I have learned that I never want to live with regret if I can help it. The regret of expressing my feelings, the regret of spending time with someone, and the regret of wishing I had done something when I had the chance. The video of my father is something that exemplifies this behavior.”

“I’m sorry to not have this kind of video recording of my other family members, but I didn’t know of it then. If I had not taken the opportunity to have my parents recorded, it would have been one of the deepest regrets of my life. This video has provided much comfort and pleasure to me. The knowledge that it is easily available for viewing at my convenience provides a direct link to them. The appreciative response from my extended family and friends that I shared the video with was well worth the cost of the service.”

“First, my mother reviewed the family history in terms of where her parents were born, when they came to the U.S., and when the various siblings were born. That’s a great history for the great grandchildren and beyond that no one has to remember! Second, when she was summarizing some of the most significant parts of her work experience as a teacher in an inner city high school, I realized I’d forgotten some of the most important details, all of which spoke admirably of her integrity, honesty, and vision. So that was a real gift: to be reminded of something that’s not written down anywhere and is retrievable only in this interview!”
“We hope that our children and grandchildren will have many ways of remembering us after we die. Certainly the family gatherings, visits and conversations will all contribute to the memories and now we are thrilled to leave a video “interview” to enhance the mix.”

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